Whisper Ramble – Rambling On [4K ASMR]

You decide! Philosophical discussion or just a crazy guy? I discuss my upcoming video which was stalled last weekend, tell you a little bit about my week, show you some books I’ve been reading, and pretend I’m going insane ;-). Please share your thoughts in the comment section below! Also smash the like button if you enjoyed this. 🙂 0.0

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I am just a regular guy making some ASMR videos that will hopefully find their way to a person in need of relaxation. I have watched quite a lot of ASMR videos and I try to create one of three things: (1) an ASMR video that I can not find but want (2) something I see requested by others in other channels and (3) some creative ideas of my own.

So if you have a request that you would like me to do, just leave a comment in one of my videos or in the discussion tab in my channel. If you enjoy my videos, please subscribe, and even consider becoming a patron. (Patreon link above).

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