Relax with Margaret #12 [ ASMR ]

You have another visit with Arkham Sanitarium’s resident nurse Margaret who just wants to help you relax, ease your mind and sleep. Oh, and of course, continue to produce the energy needed for The Harvest so that Nyarlathotep’s, (aka Professor Clemmons’) Rifts remain operational, but that goes without saying, silly!

Happy Rifting!

00:03:15 A little preview of what’s in store
00:06:20 Interpretive Examination (Health questionnaire)
00:16:30 Eye exam
00:20:09 Health checkup
00:23:29 Margaret plays with and cleans your ears
00:37:25 Monster Hands
00:41:39 Margaret’s “garden” shovel
00:46:01 Container of gasoline (for the bonfire & smores!)
00:50:05 Cthulhu Blocks
00:55:37 She’s playing with your ears again

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